Basis B1 Band

Basis B1 BandOn this page we look at the Basis B1 Band and you will see that our 3rd pick and this one are more trackers than heart rate monitors. For our top heart rate monitor you can see that here.

The Basis B1 is more of a health tracker and it actually claims to be the #1 health tracker in the world and is packed with features.

Let us have a look at the short list of features here:

  • The most advanced health tracker in the world. Uses multiple sensors, including an Optical Blood Flow Sensor that captures continuous heart rate on your wrist 24/7.
  • Powered by Body IQ technology, Basis automatically recognizes and displays activities, like walking, running and biking, as well as sleep. Calorie counts also adjust automatically.
  • Data and powerful insights available on your online dashboard. Wireless syncing with select iOS and Android phones, as well as with your PC or Mac.
  • Advanced doesn’t mean complex. Out Healthy Habits system helps you set small goals around changes to your daily routine, that add up to a large outcome.
  • Water resistant. Goes everywhere you want to go. Note that Basis is intended as complement and not as a replacement for chest strap-based heart rate monitors.

The Basis B1 Band is an all-in-one solution that will help you get fit, sleep better and stress less as it gives you multiple sensors that will piece together your current health and how to improve it. You will be able to track heart rate, temperature, perspiration, motion and more.

It uses something called “Body IQ” to turn the date into simple insights that will give you an idea of your sleep quality and resting heart rate.

Once it has built a picture of your current fitness it will give you goals to achieve fitness in nearly every body area.

The awesome thing is that this is a watch so you can wear it all the time and you will even get credit for workouts as it will monitor calorie burning and you get free updates so you will have a fitness watch or tracker that is updated all of the time with new features.

You will find that the Basis B1 Band gives you 4 sensors that will monitor heart rate, motion, temperature and more and all your need to do is wear it.

The Body IQ aspect of the tracker will actually pick your favourite activities so you get personalized fitness plan.

Another interesting thing about the Basis B1 Band is that it will stop you stressing as it monitors your heart rate throughout the day and will allow you to build a picture of when your most stressful times are and then give you a way you can incorporate breathing exercises to limit stress.


Although the Basis B1 Band is #4 on our site it is well worth picking up if you want the ultimate fitness tracker and you want to take it seriously. If you grab the Basis B1 Band you probably won’t need anything else and if you use it you can build a fitness plan custom made for you very quickly.



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